Attempt #3: final dash before transformation

Today was a crazy day!
We worked from 8am almost 13 hours, while the week was also not easy. The start of the day turned out to be great: we created contracts, carried out a successful migration, created LP on Apeswap, created a farming contract, tested (deposit, withdrawal, emergency withdrawal). Everything worked perfectly!

We have started integrating new contracts with the site. We set up a migration portal, farming pools. We started to conduct final tests and were already ready to launch, but we saw an unpleasant thing — the CTF reward was being awarded very slowly. Everything seems to work, but not as it should. We were looking for a reason for a long time. In the end, they found it, but it’s too late.

In the end, we found it, but it’s too late. The head does not understand, it is necessary to re-create the CTF token, Farming contract, liquidity contract. We definitely didn’t have the strength to do all of this, so we accepted make attempt# 3 to migrate to v3. Test it again with a fresh head and be done! In the meantime, we returned the old version of the site and resumed farming. In addition, in 13 hours. idle LP, we are ready to give a bonus to all LP holders in the pools. Write to Dima Boshenyatov in Telegram with a screenshot of your share in the pool and we will compensate for a simple LP during the day!

There is a saying: “Rome wasn’t built in one day”
For us, the priority is the safety of users’ funds and the reliable operation of contracts. So thank you all for your patience. We are on the home stretch!



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