Collaboration with Crypto Artists, abandoning Outlier Ventures and Transformation of consciousness

Results — Week 45 (Nov 2, 2020 — Nov 8, 2020)

Results — Week 45 (November 02, 2020 — November 08, 2020)

It hasn’t been the easiest week, so let’s share the details:

- Waiver of Outlier Ventures. More than 200 projects have submitted applications. We were offered to apply to another accelerator, but we directed our efforts towards development on our own.

- We have to change and think differently, so we decided to develop a community project, in particular, crypto artists. Wrote a message on Twitter — and announced popular artists in the comments and started waiting. Imagine our surprise when the reviews came almost immediately. Actively joined the discussion — Gary Cartlidge (he was not happy with our proposal), Madolf ID, Angie Taylor, Natural Warp, Master, Jonburgerman and others actively joined the discussion. With some of them, we have previously agreed to create an NFT in our store with their work. And we already have the first card in the collaboration, which will appear at 00:03:00 minutes. Stay tuned for announcements on Twitter

- The collaboration gave us a new impetus and we decided to go further. CyberTime2188’s first crypto art сontest will take place this week. Where the winners will receive CTmS management tokens and the possibility of joint collaboration. For 5 years we plan to invest over 5.000.000 CTmS in the development of Crypto Artists. So let’s wait and see.

There are no open lots on sale on OpenSea, so offer your price —

Have a nice week




ReFi NFT Marketplace on Celo blockchain

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ReFi NFT Marketplace on Celo blockchain

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