CyberTime Superfine Level: updated tokenomics and 3-in-1 $CTCS token

We need to change to grow multiple

For 10 months of work, a lot of work has been done. Not everything worked out, but the team continued to look for solutions that would help the project reach a capitalization of + $ 100M and take its place in the major league of crypto and NFT projects.

At the moment, we have launched 3 tokens on Binance Smart Chain: CTF, DAOS, SAVENFT and 2 projects —, We didn’t manage to shoot with them, so we need to change and we have already started

What has changed and in which direction is the project moving?

The changes began with participation in the Celo Camp. There we were able to get into the TOP 10 projects out of 250 and win a prize in the “Creators Economy Award” nomination.

There we decided on the projects that we will create within the Celo ecosystem:

  • CyberBox NFT Marketplace + Mystery Box platform We have already launched the Beta version of the platform.

You can watch it on the link —
Or watch the video of the interface

  • Daopolis NFT Collection and Game We are in the final stages of generating a unique collection of 9192 NFTs. We believe that Daopolis NFT can become a game changer on the NFT collection market outside the Ethereum ecosystem.

You can get acquainted with the collection on the website —

We see great potential in the CELO ecosystem. Here is such a CyberTime Roadmap for 2022–2023:

  • Refinement of the Marketplace (rarity filter, adding new projects NFT + domains, transfer NFT, search by attributes and much more)
  • NFT Mystery Box solution
  • NFT Collectibles generator
  • NFT Lending Platform (AAVE for NFT’s)
  • Daopolis NFT Games
  • Daopolis NFT Game Metaverse (Punks vs Apes, NFT Puzzle etc.)
  • NFT Generative Art generator

The team is confident in their abilities, but for ambitious goals you need funds!

Therefore, we decided to attract large investors to the project (venture funds, business angels) + solve the problem of 3 tokens and their use. And our solution is the $CTCS token (CyberTime Celcium)!

A second is a time interval equal to 9 192 631 770 periods of radiation corresponding to a transition between two hyperfine levels of the ground state of a cesium-133 atom at rest at 0 K. Seconds in CyberTime space move faster, so the number of tokens is 1000 times less and is 9,192,631 $CTCS tokens

Updated tokenomics:

  • Private Raise (Round 1) — 3.25%
  • Private Raise (Round 2) — 5.75%
  • Public Raise — 1%
  • BSC Token & NFT Holders — 10%
  • Core Team & Extended Team & Future Investors— 20%
  • Marketing Reward — 10%
  • Liquidity & Liquidity Rewards — 10%
  • DAO Staking — 10%
  • Community Rewards — 30%

Vesting period:

For all types of tokens, we assume a vesting period for the gradual introduction of the $ CTCS token to the market. More details can be found in the table —

BSC Token migration:

We will conduct a DAO vote to select the type of distribution among the holders of 3 tokens. 2 points will be proposed for voting:

  • Distribution of 9% of tokens depending on the market cap of tokens. Those. we summarize the CTF + DAOS + SAVENFT market cap and divide by the market cap of each token to determine its share in the total distribution.
  • Equal distribution of tokens at 3% for each token

With the current MarketCap indicators of 3 tokens, attracting 3 investment rounds by the team and the type of token distribution, the growth potential can be x5-x30, and this is only after the Public Sale of the $CTCS token release! This is not financial advice, so do your analysis.

CTF, DAOS, SAVENFT tokens do not lose their value, but on the contrary have great potential for early entry into a new token on terms similar to venture funds!

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