Dev Log #08

Here’s what happened in a week:

1. We made 3 awesome NFTs for Evangelist and relaunched it. We wrote out the rules and started to actively promote. Our program was added to the site, and also posted a large channel Airdrop Detective —

2. We have collapsed the site and have already deployed it on a server for farming. Now we are finalizing it and implementing Backend. Show how pools look like:

3. There were 2 discussion posts on Reddit from our community members. Thank you for support! A comment appeared under one post, which collected more than 80 positive responses. The user called our project a fake, tokens are garbage. We wrote to him in private messages and he began to insult us. We do not accept this and will defend our project from any negative motives and attacks. Therefore, the CEO of the project wrote a huge post-response. Read it and support us!

4. We did another interview (now in English) with Techie SDS. Watch the video

We will start Cyber ​​Farming next week. In front of the unknown, but it will definitely be cool! Keep in touch




ReFi NFT Marketplace on Celo blockchain

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ReFi NFT Marketplace on Celo blockchain

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