Dev Log #15: Life after launch

Here’s what happened over the past two weeks and the team’s plans for the future:

Launch of SAVENFT and farming

We launched a new token and farming. Initially, a vote was taken with a focus on the BUSD pool, but after launch, we decided to conduct a DAO vote to change the distribution. Users voted for the change, so they added a new SAVENFT / BNB pool, changed the% of token distribution in the pools. Here are the results.

TVL after 12 days — USD 250,000
Market Cap — $800k
We burned 9% of tokens worth $75,000, we will burn 21% more

Listing $DAOS on Coinmarketcap, applications for other tokens

Adding a token gave a nice boost to the token. We have submitted applications to be added to Coingecko + SAVENFT on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. We are waiting for the soonest addition of tokens to the listing sites

Banner Advertising Launch and AMA Session in the Turkish Community

We have placed banners on sites — Coinvote, Ape O’Clock. In the near future, banners on Coinsniper, WatcherCoin, Ape O’Clock (showed good results), Bscscan, 4chan and possibly Defistation. They also answered the questions of the Turkish community. Everything has passed very vividly, will continue to conduct AMA sessions

Development of local communities

We have new local leaders who have actively taken up the development of local communities. For example, active leaders in Bangladesh, UAE, Vietnam. We are looking for other local leaders in Portuguese, Filipino and other languages.

Detailed article + 1-hour interview with Dmitry Boshenyatov

The Russian-language portal wrote about our project —, as well as Dmitry Boshenyatov gave an interview in their office in Moscow. In the near future, wait on our website with translation and subtitles in different languages

Strategic partnership with WOW Summit

Our logo was added to the official website — and also invited to take part in the main event in Dubai from October 14 to 15. We helped resolve the issue with the online sale of NFT at the NFT Expo. So if everything goes well, this is a real chance for CyberTime to get into the major league of projects.

Reorganizing the workflow

All workflows have moved to Notion. We have implemented Sprints, SCRUM, Demo Days and Daily Reviews to work. The changes became relevant as we faced the issue of launch transfers 4 times

Change and replenishment in the team

Goro Ishida, a Solidity developer from Japan, left our team. We would like to thank him for 4 months of work in the CyberTime team. Dennis Nan from Canada took the position instead. Fernando Dasso joined the team. Fernando, the man who was one of the first CyberTime users, has supported the project for all 6 months and has now become a full-fledged member of the team. He is not only a Community Leader, but also an excellent marketer and data analyst. When a community member becomes part of a team, it’s incredible energy and we see great potential!

Classes started at Celo Camp

Last week was very active in terms of learning. We met with teams from other projects: DeFi, GameFi, NFT. Projects from all over the world. Very cool classes and speakers. There were lectures on the security of contracts, meditation, personal meetings. Glad we are hosting such a cool event!

We finished UX / UI and started writing code for the Mystery Box platform

First, the frontend part will be implemented and in parallel we will prepare the backend and smart contracts. Frontend will close Bogdan, Dennis contracts

Started creating NFT for Daopolis

We are planning to do a test build of generative NFTs from different objects. Everything is ready for the test. After that we will start drawing the characters and preparing for minting.



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