Dev Log #17 — Focus

Summing up the results of the last 2 weeks:

Focus on NFT Collection and CyberBox

Celo Camp helped us focus on core products and not drown in tasks — staking, transferring liquidity, and so on. For users, the introduction of staking or the transfer of liquidity to PancakeSwap can bring benefits in the short term, but strategically, we will again lose time and focus on creating products that can radically change the situation in the project.

The first avatars of the characters from Daopolis appeared

We figured out the mechanics of character generation, decided on a set of attributes, and created a site for minting. Already this week we plan to fully test NFT minting in a test contract and then 80% will be ready. Most importantly, we have changed the approach to product launches. First of all, we set up and test the contract + frontend. When everything is ready, we will be sure to launch without bugs and all that remains is to complete the collection. We plan to launch sales in November

Completed 60% of the Mystery Box module for the frontend

Now you can enter data, select NFT to add to the Mystery Box, log in through Metamask, TrustWallet, Walletconnect. It remains to finish the final step of adding a box + the box sale page

Launch of NFT Marketplace on Celo

We analyzed the situation on Celo Chain and realized that now the situation is the same as in February for Binance Smart Chain. There are currently no NFT marketplaces on Celo! This opens up incredible opportunities for us. We have already talked with the admins of the and projects and they are ready to add NFT. Therefore, we want to launch the NFT marketplace by November 17 in order to receive support from the creators of Celo or foundations

Creation of farming pools on Ubeswap

The tokens don’t have much liquidity right now, but that could change at Celo. As we already wrote, we have a mentor at Celo Camp, CEO of Ubeswap. We are currently in talks to add liquidity pools to the Farm section of Ubeswap. This move could increase token liquidity with a potential of up to $500k-2M

Celo Hackaton Application

On November 28, a hackathon with a prize pool of $ 2,500,000 will take place. We are planning to take part. This will be a good continuation after Celo Camp. By this time, we will already be able to launch products, maybe even several.

CeloCommunityFund and CeloStarter applications

These are community-managed funds that invest in projects on Celo. We are also working on such options, in case large funds do not notice us after Celo Camp.

Submitted applications to RaritySniper and Rarity.Tools

These are great sites for projects that launch their own NFT collections. For example, listing and advertising on RaritySniper costs 2 ETH or $8,000 with no guarantees. Therefore, whoever says why you do not do marketing, we will answer. We do it, but within our small budget. As soon as we resolve the issue of regular funds flow (for example, from the marketplace) or attract investors, the first thing we do is close the team’s performance for 6–12 months, and then we invest in marketing. The team is like a heart. If it stops, everything will die.

Maximum integration with Celo

As you have already noticed, we are planning a lot of activities on Celo.

We quit BSC and everything that has been done will be lost?

Of course, NOT!
First, the Optics team is currently preparing a solution in the form of a bridge between BSC and Celo.

What does mean “Bridge”?
That you can move your CTF, DAOS, SAVENFT tokens between chains in a couple of clicks. You will only need to pay the gas commission. For the project, this is access to 2 different audiences at once — on Celo and on BSC. We are very much looking forward to the bridge in November, but if they do not have time to launch it, then we will launch products on Celo. As we develop there, we will integrate ready-made solutions at BSC.



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