Dev Log: April 2022

A little recap of what happened last month

With the coming of spring, I am calm again

Well, to take things off, at the beginning of the month part of our team was in BarCELOna to be part of Celo Connect!!!

We made a very extensive recap in these following articles:

New NFT Collections

2 new NFT Collections have arrived to the Celo Blockchain this month. In this case, we welcome CeloMonkey Business and NaviKatz!

Find them on

Raffle with GoodGhosting

We were sponsors of the Celo Mobile Savings Pool of GoodGhosting that more than 1.6k users completed! We were part of the community call with Mycaleum and we had a chance to talk a little bit more about CyberBox. You can look our conversation here:

GoodGhosting Celo Mobile Pool #NFTGiveaway with Fernando | CyberTime Finance

We also gave away 10 NFT for the raffle: 5 were for those who completed the pool using ValoraApp and 5 were available for everyone else who completed the pool.

CyberBox keeps getting bigger

In the last month we received almost 2k users and almost 6k visits in total in our Marketplace! A steady growth with a 22% increment in the amount of users that come to our site.

We also increased 15% in our total trading volume!

ReFi: A new vision

At the end of the month we made a lot of changes in our Marketplace. We joined the #ReFi initiative and with each transaction there is a small % fee that goes directly to the ReFi fund to offset carbon credits in the blockchain.
We were also part of the Planet Positive NFT Hackathon organized by ReFi DAO. We were in touch with several projects and creators that are looking to contribute to the ReFi movement.
This has just started and we are ready to keep collaborating and contributing in any way we can!

What ‘s coming next?

  • New NFT Collections added to CyberBox -> KnoxDAO CeloErectus PixelAva will be added this month. KnoxDAO is already here!
  • More changes and fixes in the UI of the Marketplace. We understand that the user experience comes first and we really care about our users, so we work everyday to bring them the best product possible!
  • We are looking to make more collaborations in Celo and also bring more ReFi NFT projects to the blockchain



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