Launching v3 on Saturday: we decided to double-check the issue with CTF reward

We prepared for the launch of the new version, but the withdrawal of the CTF award by users changed our plans. It turned out that the problem is quite serious. If the user has not withdrawn the reward from the pool for a long time, then a completely different amount is credited to his wallet then was shown in the personal account.

Check some message, that we receive from users:

Hi guys — which person do i need to contact? I claimed my CTF rewards — i was normally getting 479 CTF on the interface and on BSCScan i only got 1.08 CTF
by Mat

I claimed my CTF rewards
i saw I m getting 31 CTF on the interface and now i only got 1.6 CTF
Please help me check
by KaW

Hi Admin, I have unstak and claimed ctf but i don’t see my CTF after claimed CFT
by kai

If you are faced with this problem, write to Dmitry Boshenyatov in Telegram. We will check and make a refund —

We decided to conduct additional tests to be sure that the bug in v3 contracts was fixed.

You have been audited by Certik, why didn’t they identify this issue?

The Certik team checks the overall reliability of smart contracts and does not touch on the economic component of the project. In addition, many of the use cases may not be reviewed by the audit team. As a result, vulnerabilities remained in the contract. They are not critical, but very unpleasant for everyone. The user does not receive the earned tokens, and the team makes a refund from their own funds. This hinders the development of the project.

Why can’t you prepare everything in advance and start on time?

As we said, launching smart contracts is a technically complex process. The smart contract cannot be changed, so you have to check everything several times. This bug extends from the previous team. With the transition to v3, we will break this thread and 100% of contracts and products will already be behind the new team. And in every line of code we are confident as in ourselves!

Despite all the difficulties, we are 95% ready. Just a little bit left before the launch of the new CyberTime. Your support is very important to us. Thank you for believing in the project. Together we will go through any difficulties and become even stronger!



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