Migration portal, DAO voting and CTF distribution

Migration portal

The last stage of farming showed that we missed an important element of interaction with a smart contract — withdrawal of funds through emergencyWithdraw. Before the second stage of farming, we decided to close this vulnerability. Since it is impossible to make changes to the blockchain, we plan to create new smart contracts and make a token migration portal in one click.

DAO voting + profit distribution system

We decided to seize the moment and implement the DAO voting system in the new version. Holders of 8.64 CTF tokens can vote for the development of the project. In addition, we will create a profit distribution system. The NFT platform will already be launched, there will be first sales and profits, so we will lay the foundation for the buyback, burn rate, reward for liquidity providers.

CTF distribution

In the early days of farming, we found a discrepancy with the accrual of CTF tokens, so we increased the distribution by 24 hours to synchronize with tokenomics. We have now discovered another discrepancy. We laid down the logic in a smart contract based on shares by pools — 80% NFTL / BNB and 20% CTF / BNB and 10% to the team from both pools.

As a result, for the CTF / BNB pool and the team, this will not happen in equal shares, as we initially assumed, but proportionally with a decrease in the share every month. This does not affect the overall distribution of shares in any way. In the end, it will remain the same:

  • 70% NFTL / BNB
  • 20% CTF / BNB
  • 10% Team

It turns out that all CTF tokens will be distributed according to the following scheme:

From the second month, the decrease will be 80%. Such a scheme will be softer. We present you a table of token distribution for the next 12 months in our Docs — https://docs.cybertime.finance/tokenomics/ctf

We are sorry. We had no malicious intent to launch differently than described in tokenomics, we spent little time testing before launch. We have made conclusions and are ready to move on!



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