SAVENFT will launchWednesday, September 22

We had a lot planned for this week, had a successful launch of v3, auctions on and thought we could handle SAVENFT. But the strength was no longer enough and on the tests there are things that need to be corrected. We’ll take a break, check everything again and launch on Wednesday 22 September.

The CyberTime team not just involved, it’s completely committed. Sacrificing the weekend, time with family, normal rest, we prepared everything for launch. Of course, it is possible to improve the process of interaction in a team, to cut bugs to tests, to work out the terms of reference in more detail. Then the rate of release of the product will increase. The current launches have clearly shown us what is worth working on and what to improve.

Thanks to everyone who supports us and believes. Your support gives us the strength to move on!



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